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Music streaming has been the new norm in the recent years. Thanks to the rise of other streaming platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and the likes, streaming apps will continue to rise. Streaming music isn’t new, Spotify has been around since 2006. But lately, a lot of music streaming apps have been popping up capitalizing on the popularity of streaming.

One of them is the YouTube Music streaming app. This premium music streaming app from Google has over 100 million downloads in the Google Play Store alone. This just shows how popular YouTube is and the streaming platforms nowadays. But YouTube Music is more than just a simple music streaming app. It’s capable of much more than that! Read on to know more about this app.

What is YouTube Music?

Before the existence of these music streaming apps, we would listen to music through YouTube, the radio, CDs, or by downloading them to our phones. But these all have their limitations and people can’t be bothered to download music nowadays.

But thanks to the innovation that the internet has brought us, now we have music streaming apps. Think of these apps as the Netlfix of music, thus we can listen to our favorite music without interruptions and anywhere we like. Now, Google has also joined the group and released their own - YouTube Music.

Obviously, this is a streaming app so it lets you listen to hundreds and thousands of music without limits. This means you don’t need to download them if you don’t want to, and you can theoretically use the app wherever you are - as long as you have data/internet connection. But aside from that, the app also has a lot of features such as discovering music through your tastes and preferences.

Overall, you can listen to music uninterrupted and without any limits thanks to YouTube Music. Another pretty nifty feature of this app is that it allows you to search for your music just by entering its lyrics. But overall, the best feature it can give you is that it can give you is that it allows you to discover new music that are suited to your tastes. This is the one feature that other methods of listening to music can’t get you. If you’re curious, read on below!

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Features of YouTube Music

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YouTube Music isn’t your typical music streaming app. Even after you compare it with Spotify, it still has some features that’s worth mentioning. With that said, here are the features:

Background Play – If you’ve been using the internet for long especially YouTube, you know how annoying it is to not be able to play YouTube videos in the background. This is a lifesaver for most people who just wants to listen to music while multitasking on their phones. Sure, you can play downloaded music on your phone while doing other things but you can’t have the features of YouTube Music with that, right?

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No ads – Another thing that most people probably hate more than bad music are the annoying ads! This is the problem when you listen in YouTube music videos because it has a lot of ads especially for longer videos. But in YouTube Music Premium, you can’t be bothered by any ads. This means you can enjoy an ad-free music experience that will last a long time. No need to download the music because you can stream without having to worry about several ads popping out of nowhere and ruining the vibes.

High-quality Audio – Sure you can just download music from YouTube and call it a day. But the problem with this method is that sometimes, it doesn’t allow you to have the best sound quality possible. Because of that, the music experience will not be as enjoyable as when you use YouTube Music! In YouTube Music, the music is of the highest-quality possible because YouTube bought the license for them to be there. This means you don’t have to worry about anything interrupting your love for music.

Download – Back when streaming platforms weren’t popular yet, people used to download songs through a third-party app. But now thanks to YouTube Music, you can download the music straight from the app! Like what you’re listening to and want to listen to it even without internet connection? Just download them for free! This will allow you to save on data usage as well.

Search Lyrics – Sometimes, we hear catchy songs out of the blue such as in the mall or on the radio. But when we try to search for the song, we don’t know the title of it. This is a major problem because this is such an annoying thing to do.

Discover – Aside from Spotify, YouTube Music boasts million of music in its database! And it’s updated frequently as well so you can expect new music every day. And because YouTube is such a large search engine, there will probably more music than you can listen to in your lifetime in here. No need to search anywhere, you can search according to categories and your preferences. It’s your choice!

Recommendations – What makes YouTube Music such an intelligent streaming platform is that it curates recommendations based on your preferences. YouTube does this well so it makes sense that this feature is in YouTube Music too. Basically, your recommendations are based on certain factors such as your location, user usage and many other factors. The music in your list also contributes to what you’ll see in your recommendations. This is how the YouTube Music algorithm works.

Equalizer – This is a standard in any music player but the ability to edit the equalizer and adjust what you’d like to hear.

Restrict mode – In YouTube Music, you can hide inappropriate content that others flagged by other users. This will ensure that everything is still safe within the platform.

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YouTube Music is a powerful music streaming platform that makes music accessible and enjoyable. However, the premium version costs money. If you don’t want to pay a single cent, download the premium mod now!

Humans have always been fond of music. Music has a way of comforting us and expressing our feelings in ways that words can’t. That’s why there are millions of songs in existence and there will be more in the future. It’s inevitable – music will survive no matter what happens. The love of people for music transcends generations. And we’ve come so far in this generation thanks to the advancements in technology. Now, we’ve found a way to enjoy music – streaming.

Deezer is a music streaming app developed by Deezer Mobile. This app is so popular that it has already reached over 100 million downloads in Google Play Store alone. This music streaming app is so popular because it has over 56 million tracks, playlists and podcasts available for you. Plus, there are other features that not even other music streaming app has! Read on to learn more.

What is Deezer?

Back then, we used to listen to music through CDs, phonographs and other old means. They were convenient back then and it allowed us to listen to our favorite tracks. However, these old methods no longer fit right in today. These are still around but the younger generation don’t even know half of these. They can’t be blamed! After all, technology has been rapidly evolving these past few decades.

Thanks to music streaming apps such as Deezer, we can listen to music anytime anywhere. We no longer have a need for physical storage for music when all music is in digital form nowadays. People prefer streaming music instead of buying CD tracks nowadays. This is truly a convenient way to listen to music because almost everyone nowadays has a smartphone.

Aside from those, you can search for music easily using Deezer as compared to doing it traditionally. Get recommended tracks based on your music taste. And you can listen to any playlist or you can create one yourself! You can even share your personal playlist with your family and friends and influence them. Aside from music, you can also listen to the radio, audio channels and podcasts in Deezer! There’s no shortage for your listening needs when you use Deezer. Most of all, you’ll get plenty of features unavailable in most music streaming apps. Read on to learn more.

Features of Deezer

Deezer is a music streaming app that allows you to fully appreciate the convenience of listening to music effortlessly. Here are the features of this app:

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Millions of tracks – In Deezer, you can literally find millions of tracks. It boasts over 56 million tracks on every genre you can imagine! Whatever song you want to play, there’s a high chance that it will be on Deezer. This is especially true for modern songs. But even if you search for old or local songs, you’ll surely find what you’re looking for. Millions of tracks mean that you’re practically set for life! You don’t need to worry about getting tired of the same old music because you can discover new ones every day. All of these songs are in just one seamless app!

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Shuffle mode – If you want to relax and find new tracks, try the shuffle mode! In this mode, the app automatically shuffles through the wide array of track. This allows you to discover new music that you wouldn’t otherwise know! Now, you don’t need to spend countless hours browsing through YouTube just to find the next songs to go in your playlists. How convenient is this app?


Recommendations – Aside from that, you can also get recommendations that will fit your needs! Deezer analyzes your music inclinations and automatically suggests songs that’s similar to the ones you’re playing! This way, you’ll get to know new music either by the same artists or different ones. And the recommendations are spot on because it recognizes your favorite songs and genres you listen to. This will certainly make life easier for music lovers!

Playlists – When we love a song so much, we don’t want to forget it. What should you do? You should add that to your playlist of course! Deezer allows you to create your own playlist that features all your favorite songs in one seamless experience. Now you don’t need to manually search for your songs when you want to listen to them. Curate the perfect playlist for every mood because Deezer allows you to create unlimited playlists! You can even listen to the playlists of other people. Or you can share your playlist to your family and friends.

Radio and podcasts – Aside from music, Deezer allows you to listen to the radio and podcasts as well. You can discover countless radio stations, audio channels and English podcasts in Deezer! You can never run out of things to listen to as long as you’re in this app. This is why Deezer is the ultimate streaming app right now. It has so much things you can listen to anywhere and anytime.

Offline download – What if you don’t have an internet connection/mobile data every time? Deezer has an ingenious solution just for that! You can download any song so that you can play it even in offline mode! You can download your favorite tracks and podcasts to listen to them while on the bus, train or anywhere else in the world. This means that you can even curate a whole playlist that you can listen to offline. How cool is this?

High-sound quality – Deezer is so popular because it offers music streaming in the highest music quality possible. It actually allows you to listen to music in 320 kBps! This means that only the best quality music goes into your ear. You don’t have to worry about bad audio because that doesn’t exist in Deezer!

Software compatibility – Deezer is compatible with Google Home, Amazon Alexa, and Sonos sound systems! This app is compatible with most software that it’s impossible not to use it!

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Clean interface – The interface of Deezer is clean and smooth. This makes music streaming effortless and an enjoyable experience for the user.

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Deezer is a music streaming app that allows you to listen to music anywhere and anytime! But there are other features of this app that’s only available in the paid version. Download the premium mod now to enjoy!